Strut Mounting Kits

The upper strut mount supports are one of the key elements within the suspension assembly, as they provide a link between the shock absorber and the body of the car. Made of quality materials on modern equipment, the KYB upper strut mount supports improve handling and comfort when driving on any road. KYB technologies and strict production quality control allow us to offer the customer high quality goods.

KYB Suspension Mounting Kits contain all the components that are required for correct installation, such as struts mounts, bearings, mounting plates, mounting nuts & bolts.

  • Improves the link between the shock absorber and the chassis.
  • Increases the life of the shock absorber and all suspension components (including tyre)
  • Improves handling and control.
  • To make steering easier, smoother and more precise
  • To reduce vibrations
  • To improve road handling
  • To improve wheel alignment
  • To save money by increasing shock absorber life, no extra labour time if changing in same time as shock absorber.